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Since the beginning of internet-based trading and stock investments, trading in the stock market has revolutionized. With self-education tools, even the greenest stock trader can get involved. Today, internet-based stock market research channels help individuals to learn trading skills and strategies on the go.

You can choose from a number of Youtube channels and learn the stock market online trading basics in a few minutes. Besides, there are a plethora of resources to make your trading decisions apt. Stock market beginners, who don’t belong to any business or finance background, now have the chance to tap into the biggest pool of profitable investments. With educational resources on stocks, you can quickly grasp terms like market cap, dividends, IPOs, and more.

Plus, these channels also keep you updated with the happenings in the business world, giving you everything you need to have everything right in your pocket. In this blog, we are going to talk about some exclusive channels through which you can make your stock trading or investment game sturdier.

Why Keeping Yourself Updated with Stock Market News is Crucial?

Now, before we move towards the list of channels, let’s clarify why you need to keep yourself updated? You must have heard that the stock market is full of uncertainty. What causes that uncertainty? It’s the news and reactions of investors to the news. For example, imagine that Amazon made a big deal with Tesla for a great remunerative project. What will happen?

The stock prices of both companies will rise. Additionally, traders may try to buy more stocks with anticipation of future gains. Let’s say this in this example, the deal falls through and the stock prices drop. Now, investors may hold or sell their share of stocks. This entire process or event is influenced by the news and headlines made in the business world. These news events are the biggest drivers of investor sentiment in the stock market.

Moreover, before making any decision, investors need sound research. Thorough research will allow you to make suitable assumptions for the future performance and value of the specific investment. Following some stock, tips aren’t going to do all the work. You need to perform a comprehensive assessment to get the best returns on your investments.

Top Channels or Internet Media For Stock Market

Now, let’s take a look at smart media channels that will help you make informed and appropriate stock market decisions.

Trading is not an inherent quality that comes from birth. You have to learn it through experience and experiments. Although, you can also learn its highs and lows through traditional and modern methods of education. Youtube has turned out to be one of the best modes of learning these days. With the right Youtube channel, you will have the chance to easily learn how to trade stocks, apply strategies, and gain profitable returns. Here are some popular industry Youtube channels.

  • Bulls on Wall Street: Kunal Desai started this channel in 2009 to provide extensive information on stock trading. Besides exclusive video-based information, you can also get courses on the day and swing trading.
  • Warrior TradingThe Youtube Channel features an everyday morning show in which Ross Cameron, a successful trader, spends two hours talking about trade scanners, his trading practice, and other trade parameters.
  • Meir BarakThis channel is operated by Tradenet Day Trading Academy, which have educated over 30,000 professionals across the globe. Their Youtube channel provides access to a free trading room on weekdays between 9:10 am to 4:00 pm.

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Mobile Apps & Websites

With access to smartphones having high-speed internet, traders have gained an edge in their stock market approach. There is a multitude of financial apps that cater to the immediate research needs of stock traders. These stock research apps and websites will allow you to keep a check on real-time market prices and help you create your virtual portfolio. Moreover, you can draw stock charts and stay updated with market trends. Here are the top websites and apps for your stock market updates.

  • MoneyControl: It’s a simple app with an ample amount of information and news. You can also check out their website for information on stock market updates.
  • ET Markets: This is another application for stock market guides and news updates. Its perfectly organized look makes it ideal for clear-cut information.
  • CNBC Breaking Business News App: This app is available for both iPhone and Android users and provides its users with exclusive business world information.

Recommendation Services

In the modern world, there is no lack of stock advice websites. These are also known as stock recommendation services. They help you make smart investment decisions and further allow you to make the final call. These stock recommendation services incorporate screener criteria, comparison tools, and other features for perfect stock picks.

  • Seeking Alpha Premium: This stock recommendation service is perfect for advanced and intermediate users seeking all-the-round and affordable investment solutions.
  • Morningstar: The website offers stock ratings, mutual funds, and ETFs-based recommendations. Their research is entirely credible and is presented by several brokerages.
  • Trade-Ideas: The website deploys an AI-based assistant called Holly, your virtual assistant and analyst, to get all the technical, fundamental, and social media analysis information.

Reddit communities

Some of the largest communities on Reddit are:

  • r/wallstreetbets with around 10.5 million members
  • r/stocks with around 2.8 million members
  • r/investing with around 1.9 million members

However, before taking any of it into the application, you must check it as per cross-reference.

Social Media

Social media is another platform to get extensive and quick updates on the stock market world. Whether it’s Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram, these platforms have evolved into the most popular sources of information. Twitter has acquired a special place among these social media platforms, especially for valuable alerts and tips regarding the stock market.

  • @CNBC: You can get quick updates of the real-time business world at this Twitter account. The platform is followed by 355 million accounts in the world.
  • @Benzinga: This is another Twitter account offering real-time coverage of analyst upgrades and other financial news, including technical events.
  • @Stockwits: This Twitter feed shows the results of monitoring done by an active trading community. The platform has 9,30,000 followers.


Podcasts have turned out to be go-to-resources for stock market information. Different stock market podcasts highlight varying resources as per the skill and interest level of the listeners.

  • Invest Like the Best: This podcast is by Patrick O’Shaughnessy. He is the co-founder of Colossus as well as being the managing partner at Positive Sum.
  • Chat With Traders: The podcast is hosted by Aaron Fifield and includes interviews and chat sessions with elite trading performers. You can get information from diverse trading experts.
  • We Study Billionaires: Like its name, this podcast features billionaires. They focus on investment strategies used by billionaires in order to grow their businesses.


Keeping yourself updated with the business world always makes sure that you get the most useful trading insights. Consider using the above sources as resources before making any major trade. Whether it’s an educational guide or trading tips, these channels provide you with comprehensive and helpful information.


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