For Professionals

Canorit for Professional Portfolio Managers

Canorit for Professionals

Canorit Pro provides insights into a whole set of portfolios, with detailed settings to help automate management and communication with clients.

Automate communication with portfolio owners

Canorit helps automate and keep track of the communication with your clients. All your management from a single control center.

Client touchpoints history

When managing hundreds of client portfolios, clear communication becomes challenging. Using Canorit, you will always be aware of where you left the communication last time, so you can pick it up and seamlessly continue.

Live access for your clients

Canorit enables you to offer full visibility and control to your clients. They will see what you see.


This feature is currently in beta. Once you sign up you may join the beta program and try it out.

Start improving your trading skills

Try various strategies in a sandbox mode. Learn about yourself and become a better analyst or trader.