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* Service is currently in beta, and while in beta, all editions are free for use. Once out of beta, all beta users will get their next 3 months free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please explain your beta program

We’re currently testing whether the platform serves the right needs and whether it serves them right. Simply put, we’re in a learning phase. While we’re learning, we appreciate our patient users who give us a chance and constructive feedback. We don’t charge for the service during this phase and find other ways to pay our bills. Once we lock it in, we will need to have users participate in that, but we’ll be mindful of those who helped us by giving them a free period after the beta program is completed.

What is your refund policy?

Currently, the service is free (see “beta program”). We’ll see once that changes, but we will consider any refund request and act accordingly. Even though the service is free for smaller portfolios, more extensive portfolios come with different needs, so we do accept that even after trying the service for longer periods of time, it may be inappropriate for someone’s needs.

What makes Canorit stand out from the alternatives?

The ideal customer is a buy-and-hold retail investor that doesn’t want to be alarmed during temporary market conditions. Therefore, Canorit is deliberately slow to check prices and aims to shield the user from market volatility. It doesn’t issue frequent warnings. It is not here to help choose the portfolio or execute trades.

What are “Positions”?

A single position is a stock (or commodity or crypto) you purchase. This could be 10 shares of Tesla, for example. They were purchased on a given day at a given price, which comes into play when calculating the tax when those shares are sold. You may have multiple positions of the same stock, say if you buy a single Tesla share every month, so even though you own only stock of Tesla, each of those Positions has another purchase price.

Will you work with my broker?

Canorit isn’t a trading tool and it doesn’t connect to your broker in order to pull the list of your active positions. It does, however, enable you to track your portfolio per broker, including multiple brokers (say, you purchase crypto on Revolut and stock on eToro). So, regardless of what arrangement you have with your broker(s), Canorit may help with managing your portfolio.

Which features are not included in the free plan?

There is no difference between the free and paid plan besides the size of your portfolio. We figure that managing a handful of positions doesn’t require anything more than a spreadsheet or your broker account, and we don’t charge for value we don’t deliver. Of course, managing it becomes a more important task once the portfolio is larger in size and we start providing value to our users.

Why wouldn’t I buy? What should I be aware of?

Canorit is NOT a brokerage account. It will NOT act quickly, and it will NOT scream in your face, even if you’ll be losing a lot of money. It will pick the stock prices only once a day and notify you of changes only if you want it to. It is also not a stock screener tool. It won’t help you closely watch a single company, nor will it help you find the opportunities. In essence, it is good for buy-and-hold retail investors who want to buy their stock and forget about it, so Canorit can keep them posted from time to time.

Start tracking your investments

You can try it out in sandbox mode, even if you don’t own any stocks yet. The first wave of users will get one year of free usage once our premium phase starts.