Canorit Chatbot

Canorit Chatbot Assistant

Canorit is always under your fingers within your favorite chat application, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.

Investment genie in your pocket

Stay up to date with Canorit chat

Chat or talk with Canorit to get the most recent information about your assets, and news on your securities, and quickly understand the top gainers and losers.

Canorit, on the tip of your tongue

Just say a word- and Canorit will be there for you. Canorit will not push any communication to you unless you explicitly ask about that. It may notify you every morning, on a scheduled weekday. But,

Distilled information

Whatever you do, access distilled, critical information about your portfolio within seconds. If you need deep analysis, just ask to have your report pop up on the screen or be sent by email.


This feature is currently in beta. Once you sign up you may join the beta program and try it out.

Start improving your trading skills

Try various strategies in a sandbox mode. Learn about yourself and become a better analyst or trader.