Broker Integration

Integrate with your broker account

Canorit enables you to connect your broker account, and will automatically pick all the changes to your portfolio. It will be a good assistant that doesn’t ask questions, but comes in only when needed.

Set up and let go

Set up the integration

It is easy and safe. Canorit will only have access to fetch the data from your brokerage about your portfolio and trades. It will use the information to update the portfolio and transaction information and keep your records up to date.

Canorit automatically gets all changes in your portfolio

Once integrated, Canorit pulls the information from your broker account. By doing that you will never need to update records in Canorit.

Multiple broker accounts? No problems

Canorit can seamlessly integrate with multiple broker accounts. To see the list of supported accounts, please follow this link.

Canorit will be the warning system that works for you

You want to be notified when things go red to make an informed decision on how to proceed next. Being tailored for long-term buy-and-hold investing, Canorit can be set up so it doesn’t jump on every change in the market.

Understand trends and see the big picture

Canorit is purposefully built with the aim to bring transparency and clear visibility into a complex, diversified portfolio. The main purpose is to notify you when things are unusual, be it gain or loss, and not to bother when things are ordinary.


This feature is currently in beta. Once you sign up you may join the beta program and try it out.

Start improving your trading skills

Try various strategies in a sandbox mode. Learn about yourself and become a better analyst or trader.