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What is “Impact Investing”?

7 August 2023 Marko Linke

Most of us want to make an impact in this world. Yet, with limited time and resources, it may feel like there isn’t much we can do. It is good to invest your money where your heart is, but still, be aware of whether it’s impact investing or merely making money. Enter impact investing. The […]

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Top 9 Websites for the Buy-and-Hold Investor

31 July 2023 Marko Linke

As an investor, you know long-term planning, keeping abreast of market news, and company research are the keys to success. With your goals firmly in place and after reading up on the writings of the industry’s greatest minds, it is now time to locate current, market-focused information sources. For this purpose, we’ve listed top 9 […]

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6 Must Read Books on Investing Legends

24 June 2023 Marko Linke

To be a successful investor requires acquiring a never-ending amount of knowledge and research. Fortunately, many of the world’s best investors have put pen to paper and detailed their journey to build wealth in the stock market. Learning from the best investors of our time provides unique insights and investment strategies to improve your returns. […]

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5 YouTube Channels to Follow for the Buy and Hold Investor

17 May 2023 Marko Linke

The stock market is a roller coaster and certainly not for the faint of heart. In this article, we bring you the selection of 5 YouTube channels for buy and hold investors. We know stocks behave irrationally in the short-term, subjecting traders to volatility spikes that can quickly turn winners into losers. Therefore, investors who […]

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Showdown: ETF vs Individual Stock Portfolio

Showdown: ETF vs Individual Stock Portfolio

10 October 2022 Marko Linke

ETF vs Individual Stock Portfolio is something every retail investor should consider. Investing is a process that requires constant monitoring of market conditions. Additionally, it is essential to maintain an ongoing analysis of stock price movements to determine the most suitable time to buy and sell shares of a company or other security. While an […]

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5 Benefits of Using a Portfolio Tracker

5 Benefits of Using a Portfolio Tracker

3 October 2022 Marko Linke

As a retail investor, it is essential to have a strong overview and understanding of your positions. There are many methods available to track your investments. Some investors will take a manual approach and develop complex Excel spreadsheets. Others may rely on the tools provided to them by their investment platform. While actively managing your […]

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Are You Really Diversified? Understanding Correlation in Investing

29 September 2022 Marko Linke

One of the essential concepts in investing is diversification. Diversifying your portfolio can help reduce risk and improve returns. However, many investors are not as diversified as they may think, as they don’t mind the correlation of their investments. Many individuals who believe they are diversified hold investments concentrated in a small number of asset […]

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Overview of the Stock Recommendation Services

16 August 2022 Marko Linke

With the potential for significant returns, the stock market has long been a favorite of investors. However, profitable returns require a comprehensive process of discovering, evaluating, and choosing the right stock. It also needs a significant amount of time, especially for the people who are new to this market. Because of this, many people choose […]

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Learn and Stay Informed for Stock Investing

7 July 2022 Marko Linke

Since the beginning of internet-based trading and stock investments, trading in the stock market has revolutionized. With self-education tools, even the greenest stock trader can get involved. Today, internet-based stock market research channels help individuals to learn trading skills and strategies on the go. You can choose from a number of Youtube channels and learn […]

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Buy-and-Hold Investing, Benefits and Risks

27 May 2022 Marko Linke

The financial markets of the world have several investment products to choose from. From mutual funds to bonds and equity, all investment products pertain to a certain degree of risk and reward, and nothing can be guaranteed. It’s an all-inclusive effort as several variables come into play, like macro and micro factors, performance history, and any […]

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Different Securities Across the Stock Market

28 April 2022 Marko Linke

“Know what you own, and know why you own it.” -Peter Lynch The stock market has been the darling of investors for over a century thanks to the lucrative returns it offers! But great returns involve equally great risks. Investing your money on specific securities just because it is talk of the Wall Street or […]

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