5 YouTube Channels to Follow for the Buy and Hold Investor

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The stock market is a roller coaster and certainly not for the faint of heart. In this article, we bring you the selection of 5 YouTube channels for buy and hold investors.

We know stocks behave irrationally in the short-term, subjecting traders to volatility spikes that can quickly turn winners into losers. Therefore, investors who understand stocks can generate better returns over the long run will opt for utilizing a buy-and-hold strategy.

In contrast to active traders, buy-and-hold investors will purchase equities and not sell them for years. But even though a buy-and-hold portfolio may have limited turnover, investors still need to decide which equities to purchase and when to enter and exit each position. While any advice offered to investors still requires proper due diligence, a few sources are worth checking out – including these 5 YouTube channels.

Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D.

Sven Carlin is a prominent investor who has pursued postgraduate studies. Using the knowledge acquired over the years, he has developed a risk model for the emerging stock markets. Sven usually carries out in-depth research, and the videos he has posted on his YouTube channel range from wider market commentary to individual stock analysis. His focus is on looking for high-reward investment opportunities with low risk. Carlin offers a clear insight into why he values a particular stock and the information he has used to come up with his conclusions.

Sasha Evdaov: Tradersfly

The Sasha Evdakov YouTube channel is suitable for stock market beginners and experts alike. One of Sasha’s greatest strengths is as a patient teacher. He easily breaks down tough topics into digestible content for anyone who wishes to expand their investment knowledge. He advises investors to focus on long-term investments with a focus on U.S. equities. Always willing to share new ideas with different people, Sasha strikes a pleasant balance of personality and teaching.

Jarred Marrow

Sporting 85,000 subscribers, Jarred is a personable YouTuber who talks straight and with clarity about to investing. Casual yet professional, he runs the Private Financial Independence Community, focused on helping others gain wealth without hyperbole. With a focus on index funds, Jarred readily admits he’s a dork with a purpose – remove the thousands of decisions traders make and replace them with sound investment strategies that can keep you mentally healthy and financially wealthy.

Investor Talk

Want to hear from the likes of Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio, and Howard Marks? Look no further than Investor Talk. While this channel has gone dormant in the past year, you would be hard-pressed to find a collection of curated content as extensive as can be found here. From hearing Warren speak about making a mistake buying airline stocks to Jack Bogle’s take on ETFs, the channel’s 72 videos will make many of the books you may have read come alive.

Humphrey Yang

With over 750,000 subscribers, Humphrey Yang has the largest following on our list. Although he does not teach investment strategies or share opinions on investment opportunities, what Humphrey does is very important; teach subscribers about macroeconomics in simple terms. When he is not breaking down the relationship between inflation and interest rates, other videos may catch your interest beyond the scope of general investing, such as why the cost of rotisserie chicken will never increase at Costco.


For the buy-and-hold investor, the learning curve is infinite. With today’s technology, there is access to boundless amounts of information. Coupled with financial tools, like a portfolio tracker, investors today have advantages, unlike previous generations. It is up to you whether or not you will seize the opportunity.

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