Take ownership of your financial future by making informed and confident investment decisions

Canorit Portfolio Tracker helps you keep track of your investments. It is optimized for buy-and-hold investors with a special attitude towards market volatility.

Track your portfolio performance, gain insights and take confident action

Spreadsheets might seem like a good way to keep track of your investments, but there is a better way to think about your investments

Confidently manage your portfolio

Get a clear vision of your portfolio. Understand the big picture regardless of day-to-day noise.

Understand the trends

Understand the bigger picture behind your portfolio by understanding trends. You don’t have to gamble with your investments if you understand the forest behind the trees.

A warning system that works for you

You want to be notified when things go red so that you can make an informed decision on how to proceed next. Being tailored for long-term, buy-and-hold investing, Canorit can be set up so it doesn’t jump on every change in the market.

Improve the quality and impact

Canorit helps you better classify the stock in the market, so you can better visualize and optimize your actions beyond personal financial goals, by carefully selecting the companies you support and choosing the impact you’re making.

The best time to buy $AAPL stock was 10 years ago! The second best time might be now...

Major growth of retail investments and greater awareness of investment opportunities are making this the best time to invest.

Start tracking your investments

You can use it for free with a small portfolio, and when you grow your portfolio have an informed decision about buying subscriptions. Service is currently in beta, and while in beta, all editions are free for use. Once out of beta, all beta users will get their next 3 months free.